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My Africa Trip

Final dash through Europe

Final dash through Europe Greece For two years I had cycled the circumference of Africa and now I was back on the European mainland. There had been many challenges in […]

Egypt: along the Red Sea to Cairo

Egypt: along the Red Sea to Cairo “Only with police escort” or “Under constant surveillance” This was my last stage through Africa which I really wanted to enjoy! But I […]

Egypt: Along the Nile

Egypt: Along the Nile Of temples and graves There were several attacks in Egypt in recent years and the number of tourists continued to decline. The last thing Egypt could […]

Sudan by bike

A little bit of cheating in Sudan Or : where have all the women gone? I had left behind the stone-throwing children and moped drivers of Ethiopia. What expected me […]

The North of Ethiopia by bike

The north of Ethiopia During the two weeks in Addis Abeba I had rested well, even so I was busy with visa applications. Now I was ready for the next […]

Ethiopia by Bicycle – Part 1

Ethiopia – A country with two faces Ethiopia was in front of me and I hadn’t heard anything positive about it from cyclists. They only talked about kids who threw […]

Kenya – through the North

Kenya – through the North From Nairobi around Mount Kenya, through the desert to the border with Ethiopia. A few years ago, the route to the northern border was considered […]

Kenya: from Uganda to Nairobi

Kenya: from Uganda to Nairobi After 30 years I was back in Kenya. This time by bike, during my youth I had backpacked (read more about it in an interview […]


Uganda: oh, how green! Cycling in Uganda Finally, I left Rwanda and came to Uganda. Would I again be pursued by children? Uganda was nine times the size of Rwanda […]

Rwanda on a bicycle

Rwanda: up and down the mountains on a bike Fortunately, I didn’t know very well what to expect in Rwanda. It was 23 years since the genocide. What was now […]

Tanzania: From the Coast to Rwanda

Tanzania: From the Coast to Rwanda I didn’t want to go straight from Tanzania to Kenya. First, I cycled past Kilimanjaro in the direction of Rwanda. Again, I discovered a […]

Zanzibar by bike

Zanzibar by bike There are so many mystical stories about Zanzibar. How is it there today? On the map the island appeared to be quite large, had roads, and seemed […]


Malawi, the warm heart of Africa Finally! About thirty years ago, I went backpacking in Kenya and someone showed me photos of Malawi. Since then the country was on top […]

Mozambique, the big surprise

Mozambique, the big surprise How did I enjoy the country which many had advised against visiting? They had warned against cholera, civil war, a collapsed dam and flooding on the […]

South Africa’s North East and Swaziland

South Africa’s North East and Swaziland I had spent ten days in Lesotho, another kind of Africa, and before entering Swaziland, I returned to South Africa. Immediately after the border […]


Lesotho – For all who are aim high Before reaching Lesotho I hardly knew anything about the small kingdom, with its many mountains, and which was surrounded by South Africa. […]

South Africa’s Eastern Cape

South Africa’s Eastern Cape The Eastern Cape in South Africa is less well known than the Garden Route. Yet it had things to offer, also for a cyclist. The largest […]

Garden Route by Bike

South Africa’s Garden Route by Bike One of the most touristy areas in South Africa is without doubt the Garden Route. It even has its own beer. Reason enough to […]

South Africa – West Cape

South Africa for beginners Also, for those who are new to bicycle touring The “worst” of Africa was now behind me. The current political news about South Africa, the most […]