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My Africa Trip


Malawi, the warm heart of Africa Finally! About thirty years ago, I went backpacking in Kenya and someone showed me photos of Malawi. Since then the country was on top […]

Mozambique, the big surprise

Mozambique, the big surprise How did I enjoy the country which many had advised against visiting? They had warned against cholera, civil war, a collapsed dam and flooding on the […]

South Africa’s North East and Swaziland

South Africa’s North East and Swaziland I had spent ten days in Lesotho, another kind of Africa, and before entering Swaziland, I returned to South Africa. Immediately after the border […]


Lesotho – For all who are aim high Before reaching Lesotho I hardly knew anything about the small kingdom, with its many mountains, and which was surrounded by South Africa. […]

South Africa’s Eastern Cape

South Africa’s Eastern Cape The Eastern Cape in South Africa is less well known than the Garden Route. Yet it had things to offer, also for a cyclist. The largest […]

Garden Route by Bike

South Africa’s Garden Route by Bike One of the most touristy areas in South Africa is without doubt the Garden Route. It even has its own beer. Reason enough to […]

South Africa – West Cape

South Africa for beginners Also, for those who are new to bicycle touring The “worst” of Africa was now behind me. The current political news about South Africa, the most […]

Through the desert of Namibia

Through the desert on a bike The North and West to Walfish Bay Namibia, a dream for many. For a long time, I had also wanted to travel through this […]

Botswana by bike

Botswana – by bike Away from game parks and lodges Botswana is a well-known tourist destination. Not only German visitors like it because of its great animal diversity. How does […]

Cycling in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, just a short visit Zimbabwe is a country that had known hardship only because of Mugabe’s dictatorship. Almost all white farmers had been chased off their farms. The farms […]

The other Zambia

******** Post script to previous blogs *********** My infections were diagnosed remotely. A doctor thought it looked like erysipelas. A female doctor stated “you came very close to life-threatening blood […]

Zambia, the northwest to Lusaka

Zambia, the northwest to Lusaka After all the difficult countries from West Africa, Nigeria, Congo, and Angola, Zambia was promised to be an uncomplicated one. I was told that all […]

Cycling in Angola

Angola: the big unknown A civil war raged in Angola from independence in 1975 until 2002. Even now, the situation is considered critical and visits are discouraged. The country doesn’t […]

The Two Congos

Cycling in the two Congos Two countries with almost the same name: Congo. One with the prefix “Republic” and the other one “Democratic Republic”. Doesn’t make much of a difference. […]


Gabon Africa was turning green and pleasant “Gabon is a relatively safe travel destination”, according to the German foreign office. Cameroon had already been lush and pleasant and Gabon was […]


Cameroon What a joy News from Cameroon weren’t too bad except that Boko Haram made occasional appearances in the north. The south was considered to be one of the safer […]


Nigeria Between Boko Haram and the attacks in the Niger Delta Nigeria had been the country I had been most warned about. The news only reported negative stories. It was […]

Togo and Benin on the fast track

Togo and Benin on the fast track Once again, I headed to a special Africa: the center of voodoo culture in Togo and Benin. Both countries are so narrow that […]

Ghana, a different kind of Africa!

Ghana, a different kind of Africa! The first difference to the previous countries: the administrative language was English which was much easier for me. The second big difference: Ghana was […]