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Germany’s North

Germany’s North From Fehmarn to Hamburg One of the most difficult aspects of travel was upon me: coming home. Although “coming home” doesn’t quite fit because for the last ten […]


Denmark Denmark, the last country before I was back in Germany. Once again, I didn’t know what to expect. Reports about the country, especially when it came to cycling, were […]


Cycling in Sweden In Finland it had been such a shock to arrive directly in the capital and I wanted to avoid that in Sweden. I took a ferry that […]


Finland and the Islands of Åland had enjoyed Estonia so much and I wondered what Finland held in store for me. It put the country at a disadvantage. Read on. […]

Estonia: Hiiumaa and the north coast

Estonia: Hiiumaa and the north coast I had really enjoyed the south coast and Saaremaa and headed to the next island, Hiiumaa. Doesn’t it get boring to always marvel at […]

Estonia – South Coast and Saaremaa

Estonia – South Coast and Saaremaa The old road to Pärnu in Estionia allowed me to cross the border quietly. Right from the start, EuroVelo 10 was well signposted. Everywhere […]


Latvia The beautifully paved bike trail through the forest ended shortly before the border in Lithuania. What was ahead in Latvia? So far,I had mainly cycled in the forest. What […]


Lithuania’s Baltic Sea Coast and a little bit more I had been so enamored by Poland and what came next in Lithuania? Immediately after the country triangle of Poland, Russia […]

From Gdansk to Masuria

From Gdansk to Masuria Unfortunately, I arrived in Gdansk on a weekend. And in the most beautiful weather. The city, the beaches, and the bike trails were crowded which I […]

From Berlin to Gdansk

From Berlin to Gdansk Berlin and the rest of Germany After many hours on the train, I finally arrived in Berlin. It was already late in the afternoon but still […]