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Through Mauretania to Dakar

Through Mauretania to Dakar “But Mauretania is much too dangerous!” I kept hearing that statement a lot. The German Foreign Office discourages travelers from Western Sahara and Mauretania. I heard very different stories from fellow travelers and from blogs. And here is what I experienced. A day after my accident I was happy to finally […]



A wheel under wheels

A wheel under wheels Unintended experiences with a Moroccan bus driver, policemen, and other bureaucrats. I posted the last blog from Dakhla and had intended to continue the next day, Easter Sunday. As is so often the case, life happened. I was stopped at one of the routine police checkpoints at the exit of Dakhla […]

The Splendor of Morocco

The Splendor of Morocco I spent already two months on the African continent, in Morocco, a beautiful country On 26th January I arrived on the African continent. First I was in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. I wanted to slowly immerse myself in Africa and Morocco. But then all happened very quickly! In my search […]