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My Africa Trip


Gabon Africa was turning green and pleasant “Gabon is a relatively safe travel destination”, according to the German foreign office. Cameroon had already been lush and pleasant and Gabon was […]


Cameroon What a joy News from Cameroon weren’t too bad except that Boko Haram made occasional appearances in the north. The south was considered to be one of the safer […]


Nigeria Between Boko Haram and the attacks in the Niger Delta Nigeria had been the country I had been most warned about. The news only reported negative stories. It was […]

Togo and Benin on the fast track

Togo and Benin on the fast track Once again, I headed to a special Africa: the center of voodoo culture in Togo and Benin. Both countries are so narrow that […]

Ghana, a different kind of Africa!

Ghana, a different kind of Africa! The first difference to the previous countries: the administrative language was English which was much easier for me. The second big difference: Ghana was […]

Burkina Faso, the big unknown

Burkina Faso Who knows something about Burkina Faso? It’s not your typical holiday destination. I’m old enough to remember that it used to be called Upper Volta. And it’s only […]

Mali: The Big Surprise

Mali: The Big Surprise It wasn’t easy to cycle through West Africa during the times of Ebola and Boko Haram. The borders to Côte d’Ivoire remained closed. I didn’t want […]

Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry

In the land of cashews and mangoes: Guinea-Bissau and Guinea Conakry I had left behind me already four African countries, a few thousand kilometers, and mainly desert. It was just […]

Again Senegal and The Gambia

Senegal – The Gambia – and hopefully Senegal for the last time The bus trip from the Malian border to Dakar was okay and I only missed a few hours’ […]

Senegal and Gambia

Senegal and Gambia: An Excursion to the border with Mali After two nights I left Dakar. Assuming that I didn’t need to secure any visa, I didn’t have a reason […]

Through Mauretania to Dakar

Through Mauretania to Dakar “But Mauretania is much too dangerous!” I kept hearing that statement a lot. The German Foreign Office discourages travelers from Western Sahara and Mauretania. I heard […]

A wheel under wheels

A wheel under wheels Unintended experiences with a Moroccan bus driver, policemen, and other bureaucrats. I posted the last blog from Dakhla and had intended to continue the next day, […]

The Splendor of Morocco

The Splendor of Morocco I spent already two months on the African continent, in Morocco, a beautiful country On 26th January I arrived on the African continent. First I was […]