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My Africa Trip

Garden Route by Bike

South Africa’s Garden Route by Bike One of the most touristy areas in South Africa is without doubt the Garden Route. It even has its own beer. Reason enough to dedicate a blog entry to it. Where is the beginning and end of the Garden Route? Opinions differ. Officially it starts in Mossel Bay and […]

South Africa – West Cape

South Africa for beginners Also, for those who are new to bicycle touring The “worst” of Africa was now behind me. The current political news about South Africa, the most European country on the continent, weren’t very positive but it was considered a good holiday destination. But how about cycling? According to South Africans it […]

By bike through the south of Namibia

By bike through the south of Namibia I had a nice tour through the north of the country to Walfish Bay. About half of the time I had been in the desert and cycled on gravel roads. I thought to myself that 640 kilometers across stones and corrugated roads should be enough for the whole […]

Through the desert of Namibia

Through the desert on a bike The North and West to Walfish Bay Namibia, a dream for many. For a long time, I had also wanted to travel through this desert country by bike. I knew little about the place except that it used to be German South West Africa with good beer as an […]

Botswana by bike

Botswana – by bike Away from game parks and lodges Botswana is a well-known tourist destination. Not only German visitors like it because of its great animal diversity. How does it look away from the game parks and the lodges? I discovered what package tourists don’t get to see. The entry to Botswana was fast […]

Cycling in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, just a short visit Zimbabwe is a country that had known hardship only because of Mugabe’s dictatorship. Almost all white farmers had been chased off their farms. The farms were distributed to friends and family of Mugabe who had no interest in agriculture. The harvests declined drastically. A draught lasted for several years and […]

The other Zambia

******** Post script to previous blogs *********** My infections were diagnosed remotely. A doctor thought it looked like erysipelas. A female doctor stated “you came very close to life-threatening blood poisoning…” One really shouldn’t take chances with it. Therefore, in case you got infections which don’t heal and continuously get bigger, make sure you quickly […]

Zambia, the northwest to Lusaka

Zambia, the northwest to Lusaka After all the difficult countries from West Africa, Nigeria, Congo, and Angola, Zambia was promised to be an uncomplicated one. I was told that all roads were paved, every village had water and electricity. Everything would be better. Was it really the case? Contrary to the other countries on this […]

Cycling in Angola

Angola: the big unknown A civil war raged in Angola from independence in 1975 until 2002. Even now, the situation is considered critical and visits are discouraged. The country doesn’t make any efforts to change that and it was difficult to obtain a visa. How does it look in a big unknown country which is […]

Kongo Kinshasa

The Two Congos

Cycling in the two Congos Two countries with almost the same name: Congo. One with the prefix “Republic” and the other one “Democratic Republic”. Doesn’t make much of a difference. To make it clearer, one adds the name of the capital: Congo Brazzaville and Congo Kinshasa. They’re next to each other. Apart from the name, […]


Gabon Africa was turning green and pleasant “Gabon is a relatively safe travel destination”, according to the German foreign office. Cameroon had already been lush and pleasant and Gabon was even better. Perhaps not everyone knows about Gabon but a German from Elsace built a hospital there and became world famous. Who knows him? Without […]


Cameroon What a joy News from Cameroon weren’t too bad except that Boko Haram made occasional appearances in the north. The south was considered to be one of the safer travel destinations. But what was the country really like? After a long boat ride, to which I didn’t take well, we arrived with the usual […]


Nigeria Between Boko Haram and the attacks in the Niger Delta Nigeria had been the country I had been most warned about. The news only reported negative stories. It was difficult to get a visa. But other travelers had told me that you could come out alive. I didn’t want to fly and so I […]

Togo und Benin

Togo and Benin on the fast track

Togo and Benin on the fast track Once again, I headed to a special Africa: the center of voodoo culture in Togo and Benin. Both countries are so narrow that I crossed them quickly. Lomé, Togo The capital of Togo, Lomé, had virtually merged with Afloa in Ghana. It was one large city with a […]

Ghana, a different kind of Africa!

Ghana, a different kind of Africa! The first difference to the previous countries: the administrative language was English which was much easier for me. The second big difference: Ghana was mainly Christian and I’d find out if that was an advantage. In all aspects Ghana appeared a problem-free country which was even confirmed by the […]

Burkina Faso, the big unknown

Burkina Faso Who knows something about Burkina Faso? It’s not your typical holiday destination. I’m old enough to remember that it used to be called Upper Volta. And it’s only now that I learnt the reason. Apart from that I hardly knew anything about the place. When I planned my route, I discovered its location. […]

Mali: The Big Surprise

Mali: The Big Surprise It wasn’t easy to cycle through West Africa during the times of Ebola and Boko Haram. The borders to Côte d’Ivoire remained closed. I didn’t want to fly and the only way to leave Guinea was through Mali. That country had been in the news too often because of Boko Haram. […]

Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry

In the land of cashews and mangoes: Guinea-Bissau and Guinea Conakry I had left behind me already four African countries, a few thousand kilometers, and mainly desert. It was just before the rainy season in Senegal and little green remained. According to other travelers what was ahead would be better and better, and not just […]

Again Senegal and The Gambia

Senegal – The Gambia – and hopefully Senegal for the last time The bus trip from the Malian border to Dakar was okay and I only missed a few hours’ sleep. I had the weekend ahead of me to decide how to continue my journey. The remainder of the night I stayed in a room […]

Senegal and Gambia

Senegal and Gambia: An Excursion to the border with Mali After two nights I left Dakar. Assuming that I didn’t need to secure any visa, I didn’t have a reason to stay. I much rather be in nature than in town. Unfortunately, as it turned out later, I was wrong. In the early morning breeze, […]